What is dynamometer?

A dynamometer (popularly called "dyno") is a machine that measures engine power, torque and fuel mixture. Dynoing makes it possible to test the engine at different loads and conditions, which helps us to adjust the motorcycle to the ideal setting.

Why should I dyno my motorcycle?

Once you have made modifications to your motorcycle, you should have them configured to get the best performance without sacrificing driving pleasure and fuel economy. Changing the exhaust on some motorcycles will result in loss of power as it is not configured correctly to the new exhaust parameters. The same goes for an air filter. On street-bikes with greater mileage, you can get an overview of the engine's technical condition, whether it has lost power or has gaps in the power graph.

How does it improve the performance of my motorcycle?

A configured motorcycle has the maximum potential available from certain engine. Dyno can improve engine dynamics and fuel consumption to streamline engine performance (maximum power, good driving experience, smoothly running engine and good fuel economy).

How does it prevent costly improvements in the future?

An engine with incorrectly adjusted fuel mixture can cause damage. Too poor fuel mixture starts to overload the engine and overloads the valves as the temperature rises.

Properly tuned engine does not have to do as much work as a poorly tuned engine (for example, normal driving, cruising on the road). Properly set engine results in less wear.

How do I know my motorcycle needs a dyno?

You don´t. People often don't know that they can get a better performance setting for their motorcycle. If you feel the engine is running unevenly or there are gaps in performance, the motorcycle needs adjusting or checking. If the engine temperature is too high or too low, this may indicate to a problem with the fuel mixture.

Most of the engines that have modified intake, exhaust, use racing fuel or have undergone various engine modifications must be set up in the dyno for the appropriate changes.

Which motorcycles can be measured in a dyno?

All motorcycles can be measured in the dyno, including ATVs, quads, choppers etc.

Are there any requirements for me when dynoing my motorcycle?

Your motorcycle must be in good technical condition. You are responsible for your motorcycle technical condition because your motorcycle will be tested at different loads and conditions. In case of doubt, you can order a technical inspection from us.

Things to watch out for:

  • Chain tightened
  • Gear wheel and chain running in good condition
  • The rear tire has not reached the wear limit
  • Air filter cleaned or new
  • Fresh fuel in the tank, at least half a tank
  • No leaks


Pricing list

  • Measuring the performance - 5 pulls  200 €
  • Power commander setup III generation from 450 €
  • Power commander setup V generation from 450 €
  • Reconfiguration from 375 €
  • Powervisioni 1x License Fee 250 €
  • Woolich 1x License Fee 250 €
  • Custom motorcycle setup Price is negotiable
  • Carburetor motorcycle setup Price is negotiable
  • Dynostand additional hourly fee 75 €/h


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