About us

Welcome to MRT Tech homepage.

You have reached a world, where the power of motors, speed and technical perfection meet. Every motorcycle touched by MRT Tech professional mechanics turns into a masterpiece in the field of motorsports.

MRT Tech has it’s roots deep in the world of motor racing. The company began when the drag- and circuit racing team MotoMaania Racing Team was created. Shortly, with the help of good riders and the fine-tuning of motorcycles, the team was quickly gaining on the biggest names. Countless work hours brought success and team’s motorcycles have now gained high places on the podiums.

MotoMaania Racing Team created a wonderful opportunity to use the experience of Georg Leonov, who was the expert of the team’s technical development. Georg Leonov’s vast experience in motorsport has paved the road to entrepreneurship, and now MRT Tech offers top of the line technological solutions for riding in the streets or on the circuits.

In a couple of years, MRT Tech services have become widely known in motorcycle social circles, where professional motorcycle tuning is respected. If you’re in the need of regular service, modification upgrades, or a complete rebuild, that raises the competitiveness of your motorcycle, then bring your street or racing bike to the hands of MRT Tech skilled mechanics. At the MRT Tech workshop, no modification is considered impossible!

bmw500pxIf you need further information about our services, any information about the status of your order or just wish to review some of our modification examples, please contact us via e-mail info [at] sbk.ee