If you put together a list of what world championship riders have in common, you'll see Öhlins suspension at the top. Öhlins has a legacy of supplying racers in nearly every class of competition.

Their experience in designing and tuning competition suspensions has made them a role model in the motorcycle suspension industry. They work to ensure that the buyer of Öhlins suspension can improve their driving experience every time. They often get feedback that their products make the customer feel like they got a brand new motorcycle. It doesn't matter if you're attacking peaks, cruising around, jumping over boards or adventuring down single trails, Öhlins has a suspension designed specifically for your ride.

Öhlins may be new to the mountain bike world, but they've been an industry leader in motorsports suspension for years. Now moving into the MTB suspension market, the Swedish company offers bicycle forks and rear shocks that have already received rave reviews.

MRT Tech is an Öhlins specialist in Estonia, offering first-class installation, maintenance and setup. We install and maintain Öhlins handlebar shocks, front shocks, shock absorbers and rear shocks on both street and racing motorcycles. We help set up the Öhlins suspension purchased and installed from us and give the customer useful tips to use the full potential of the suspension to the maximum.

Of course, there are people who say: "But I don't need such a good suspension". That's the talk of someone who hasn't driven Öhlins suspension set up exactly to his liking. Custom suspension will exceed customer expectations - that's guaranteed.

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