Ilmberger Carbon

Ilmberger Carbon was founded in 1990 by German racing driver Julius Ilmberger. The company was founded out of personal enthusiasm for carbon fiber. The goal was to use this material for my motorcycle in competitive sports. The demand for well-made, high-quality carbon fiber parts was greater than Julius could have imagined, and the company quickly grew to become a street product manufacturer.
Setting high standards from the start, Ilmberger Carbon was the first carbon fiber parts manufacturer in Germany to be awarded ABE/TUV certification on the domestic market. Adopting autoclave manufacturing techniques very early in its history, Ilmberger maintains a reputation for quality and precision to this day.
In addition to a wide range of products on the carbon fiber aftermarket, Ilmberger now also demonstrates its quality by being a supplier of OEM accessories for BMW and Ducati.
All Ilmberger Carbon products are manufactured to the highest standards. All parts, whether for racing, street motorcycles or cars, are inspected before production begins. Tough long-term tests are no less important to them. They are also carried out to ensure the durability of the products in extreme situations. One of the toughest testers is still Julius Ilmberger himself, saying that it is only good enough for customers if he is personally convinced of the quality of the part.

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