Ilmberger Carbon

Ilmberger Carbon was founded in 1990 by German racer Julius Ilmberger and was born from a personal enthusiasm for the strong but lightweight material, carbon and his search for suitable products to use in racing. Such was the demand for well made quality carbon parts that the company grew quickly and became a manufacturer of street products too.Setting high standards from the very beginning, the German company was the first carbon manufacturer to be granted ABE/TUV certification for the domestic market and it embraced autoclave production techniques very early in its history enabling it to build the reputation for quality and precision that it still enjoys today.In addition to their extensive range of aftermarket carbon parts, Ilmberger continue to demonstrate their quality assurance buy being genuine accessory suppliers to BMW and Ducati
Julius Ilmberger is since 1987 active in motorcycle racing and a perfectionist always striving to optimize their machines to the last detail . Early on, inspired him the indisputable advantages of Carbon . But carbon fiber parts were either not at the time, or to have poor quality and at prohibitive prices . His personal enthusiasm for the carbon material , its futile search for suitable products and his ambition in motorcycle racing led Ilmberger finally , to look for the right partners and to have the desired parts themselves develop and use them in racing. Soon there were in the paddocks many sports colleagues who also wanted to benefit from the advantages of Ilmbergers DIY projects. From occasional favors gradually became a mass production of carbon fiber parts . In 1990, the demand was so great that Ilmberger own company founded : Ilmberger Carbon Parts . His feeling for the advantages of carbon fiber in racing increased demand and made the operation gradually grow .
The rapidly increasing demand of Ilmberger Carbon Parts pulled the serial production of an increasing number of accessories, initially only for racing by yourself. The higher production figures were the products are affordable, the product range has been continuously expanded, and gradually even created demand for carbon fiber parts for street motorcycles. Early 90s succeeded Ilmberger Carbon Parts was the first company of its kind to meet with a completely made ​​of carbon fiber tank to the strict criteria of TÜV test.

But not only the business grew steadily, and the application areas for carbon fiber widened rapidly. As early as 1993, for example, brought Julius Ilmberger at the 200 Miles of Daytona, a racing machine with carbon fiber reinforced Sicom brake discs at the start – then still a small

Since the late 90s all products from Ilmberger Carbon Parts for Motorcycles series with ABE (general approval) will be delivered, so that the buyer can use the accessories on his motorcycle directly and without additional testing effort.

Since 2001, the production was converted gradually to autoclave production. The latest milestone is the 2010 gained TÜV certification for the clear plastic coating of the Ilmberger Carbon Parts which aging, weathering and makes the carbon fiber parts on a permanent UV resistant.

All products from Ilmberger Carbon Parts were and are continually being developed and produced according to the strictest standards. Before starting a production run through all carbon parts, whether for racing machines, stock bikes or automobiles, numerous tests. Not least, tough long-term tests, which ensure the durability of the products in extreme situations. One of the toughest tester is still Julius Ilmberger itself: It is only when he is personally convinced of a carbon part, it’s good enough
 for its customers