Price list

Maintenance/ Repairs 99 €/h
Customization/ reconstruction work 79 €/h
Motorcycle wash (required for maintenance / repair of dirty equipment) 30-60 €
Post-repair equipment storage (free of charge for the first two days after completion) 6 €/day
Spare part storage (free of charge for the first 5 days after the end of work and after one month for disposal) 6 €/day
Customers technical storage fee if the customer supplies a spare part 5 €/day
Maintenance and repair work minimum price 40€
Dyno work
Power measurement - 5 pulls 200 €
Power Commander  III/V Gen Configuration starting from 450 €
Powervision 1x license fee 250 €
Woolich 1x license fee 250 €
Custom motorcycle setup Price negotiable
Setting up a carbureted motorcycle Price negotiable
Dynostand additional hourly fee 75 €/h
Fuel Card Configuration 250 €
Ignition card setup 250 €
Setting up traction control 150 €
Engine RPM limiter adjustment 150 €
Steering damper configuration 250 €
Programming of sensors 120 €/piece
Error code reading and erasing 120 €
Activating Quickshifter starting from 150 €
Tire works
Tire dismounting/mounting from the rim 35€
Tire dismounting/mounting from the motorcycle 45€
Tire dismounting/mounting from the Carbon rim 40€
Tire dismounting/mounting from motorcycle - Carbon rim 55€
Tire disposal 15 €/tire

Tire disposal if tire is purchased from us

0 €/tire

prices include 22% VAT