Brembo Radial Stylema Monoblock Brake Calipers Kit 100mm
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Brembo Radial Stylema Monoblock Brake Calipers Kit 100mm

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Brembo Set (Left & Right) Stylema Radial Calipers 100mm, with pads (2 pads)

Technical Characteristics:

Pistons : Ø 30 mm.
Construction Material : Casting Aluminium
Finishing : Titanium Grey
Brake Fluid : DOT 4
Hardware : Steel
Pistons : Aluminium
Center to Center : 100 mm.
Offset : 30 mm.

PACKAGE INCLUDES LEFT AND RIGHT CALIPER WITH PADS! Stylema® Stylema® is a lightweight, compact, carefully sculpted and high performing caliper that has all the technical features and design of a product destined to outshine the rest and to bring its superiority to the next generation of leading-edge bikes.


Aesthetic choices are tightly intertwined with the tangible reality of cutting-edge technology.

Compared to previous calipers, Stylema® has less volume around the pistons and brake pads, reducing the internal space occupied by brake fluid, to offer a more immediate response.

It has also lost weight, down by about 7 percent, reducing external dimensions and the height of the mounting caliper, and consequently, the length of the screws (5 mm shorter). The reductions do not affect stiffness, as all key sections have been redefined and the location of the external bridges has changed to allow for a more direct connection to the piston area.

By increasing airflow around the brake pads, Stylema® cools extremely quickly, thanks to an increase in the airflow spaces around the pistons and to an opening that allows air to flow out from the central bridge.


The balanced shape stems from the need to eliminate mass, emptying out every unnecessary gramme.

With precise, minimalist lines, the caliper's geometry is consistent with the leading-edge bikes that will mount the new Stylema® caliper.

The two ribbed areas are both structural and design features that offer the product a dynamic visual presence and create the perfect space for the Brembo logo.

The air intake, a central feature that joins the superior ribbing through two clean edges, gives the caliper a sharper, more aggressive design


The name Stylema® is a natural and spontaneous embrace between the words “style” and “stilema” - which is a uniquely Italian way of describing the distinctive features that distinguish an individual designer or author.

In this instance, the product's unique features blend with its innate "style", a combination of speed and performance, pure excitement and technology, perfectly consistent with the features of the Ducati leading-edge bike.
High Performance
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