Swingarm Cover left Carbon - Honda CBR 1000 RR  17
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Swingarm Cover left Carbon - Honda CBR 1000 RR 17

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The swingarm cover (left side) in our unique design for the Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade 2017 blends into the motorcycle's overall appearance. Be it stone chips, motorcycleboots or mounting stands - the swingarm is constantly in danger of being harmed. Especially, if it is such a high-grade part as the one on the new Fireblade it deserves the best available protection. Not only in case of a crash, but, as mentioned, also in daily use. The cover is mounted with pre-installed selfadhesive strips and original screwpoints to the swingarm. It covers most endangered areas and is cut out so precise, that the chain adjuster, e.g., can still be used properly.

This part is a direct replacement for the original component and contributes mainly to weight saving on the motorcycle (up to 70% less) and a higher stiffness of the parts. Like all of our carbon fibre parts, it was made according to the latest protocols and industry standards and can be considered to encompass all aspects of current 'best of industry' practice. The part is made completely out of pre-preg carbon fibre materials using an autoclave. As with all our carbon parts, we use a clear plastic coating that not only improves the appearance, but also protects the carbon fibre from scratching and has a unique UV resistance.

CBR 1000 RR 2017
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